You Can Quit is an online community for people trying to quit smoking. You can do it, and a little support can go a long way. Brought to you by the HSE.

If you feel you are ready to try - we want to help you get there. If you've tried before and it didn't stick, we want to help you to try again. Our team are all HSE staff, and a few of us are trying to quit, just like you. We will chat, ask questions, throw out some advice and tips that have worked for us, and we will get advice from some experts in Smoking Cessation who work full time helping people to quit.

Response to COVID-19

Smoking affects the immune system and reduces your natural resistance against infections, like coronavirus. Smoking indoors in particular, puts those closest to you at risk, especially children, as exposure to second hand smoke will also weaken their natural protection against infections.

The health benefits of quitting start right away, so if you're looking for more reasons to quit smoking, advice on how to stop or want to sign up to our Quit Plan today then call us or check out our site and start your journey today.


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