Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

by wc19

“Freedom and happiness are won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.” – Epictetus

Our attention was recently drawn to this free resource, designed to help everyone get through this crisis safely and sanely – the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook, A Tool to Help You Build Resilience During Difficult Times.

Many people find it hard to admit to, or sometimes even recognise, anxiety and the feelings associated with it. The Workbook helps normalise this natural reaction to our current situation and not only gives us tools to deal with it, but also helps us understand that there’s nothing wrong with us if we’re anxious and/or stressed. I’m not ashamed to admit, I nearly have a meltdown every time I go shopping – I’ll be working through the Workbook in the coming days for sure – already have it printed out and pencil sharpened!

The Workbook has been developed by The Wellness Society in the UK. We’re including the pdf below, but it’s worth downloading and printing it, to work on it at your own pace. It’s uncopyrighted and you’re encouraged to share it – and if you’ve friends, relatives or neighbours who might not have access to the internet, why not print it out and give them a copy?

  • Part One of the workbook, introduces you to several tools for dealing with anxiety.
  • Part Two is designed to help you create your Stress Resilience Action Plan for preventing and reducing autostress.

Highly recommended by a number of sources, the Workbook is available in three languages – open the pdfs from the links below:

There are numerous links in the Workbook, so many that you are guaranteed to find something to help your unique situation and preferences – if one section or link doesn’t appeal, do keep browsing. There’s something for everyone here.

Despite being published in the UK, most of the links have universal relevance. However, for Irish trusted COVID-19 information sources check out our own listing here. And if you’ve any local suggestions for Uplifting News Sources or Newsletters, videos, books or any other relevant links – do let us know and we’ll add them here.

You can browse through the Workbook below.


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