Check Your Car Before Driving

by O Donovan’s Motors for wc19

As you approach the car pay attention to the wheels of the car and look for signs of a flat tyre. Even if the tyres look fine it is advisable to get your tyre pressure checked.

If your car has been stopped for a couple of weeks or more check to see if your car starts normally i.e. no warning lights. Due to the car being stopped for a period of time the battery might be low and you might need a jump start, if a jump start is required make sure that you have familiarised yourself with procedure outlined in the owners manual, or ring local garage or breakdown service. If there are any warning light refer to your owners manual and/or contact your garage or breakdown service.

Due to current weather conditions and the period of time the car has been left. Wiper may be struck to the windscreen, lift both wipers slightly away from the glass and back into position on the glass prior to operation.

Check that the windows and window washer are fully operational. Be aware side window could stick due to lack of use, these will usually release themselves. Due to weather conditions the dust and debris may have built up on the glass, clean the glass so that that you have full visibility.

Open the bonnet and check fluid levels, these are usually visible, oil, brake fluid, screen wash etc.

After under bonnet check, ensure that you fully close the bonnet.

When you move off, sometimes the brakes can give a scraping noise, due to lack of use, this will normal cease after 1-2 KM.

If there is anything that you are concerned about your car, do not drive it and contact your garage or breakdown service.


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