About Us

The West Cork COVID-19 Resource directory is a voluntary community project, initiated in March 2020 by West Cork Development PartnershipBantry Notice BoardAnimal Advocacy.

Read further to find out all about our project, or jump straight to our Front Page, scroll down to see the organisations we’ve highlighted – including COVID-19 Volunteer & Resource Listings from villages around West Cork. Check out the Search area at the top and have a look at the listings we’ve compiled so far. We hope you find this site useful in these COVID-19 times.

Our Aim

To compile listings providing access to everything our local communities need to live, thrive and survive through this crisis.

“… to know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.”
― Goethe

What is a COVID-19 Resource Listing?

It’s a local directory listing to include businesses (who’s open to public, who’s online, who’s delivering, when are they open); eateries doing take-away and/or delivery; local and national voluntary groups and helplines; reliable sources of information; what’s happening with animal welfare and vets; how to stay well in mind, body and spirit; information for families and homeschooling; things to do; socially-distanced and virtual events – and more.

Why a COVID-19 Resource Listing?

The initial confusion caused by the COVID-19 crisis raised many issues and questions for daily life. We were lucky our government swiftly brought in measures to protect, not just the health of our citizens, but also their livelihoods, incomes, homes, health-care – and basic needs. Understandably, problems arose – social-distancing and self-isolation; businesses having to adapt and, in many cases, close altogether; #fakenews; worries about health-care and other esssential services provision and capacity – the list seemed to go on.

The crisis was new and scary for everyone. We saw the same questions asked – and complaints raised – over and over again on social media – How do we cope with the fear and anxiety? Where can we get reliable information? Is my favourite shop open? Can I order online? Is there anyone who would pick up my prescriptions? Why can’t I take my child to the supermarket? How much toilet paper can one person use? … and so on.

And so, we came together to produce a West Cork COVID-19 Resources webpage – to provide easy access to reliable answers and ways forward.

A Project in Process

As I write this on Sunday 12th April, we’re only at the early stages – we wanted to have a basic site up and running as soon as possible.

The team have literally worked night and day to get a foundation of information on the site in order to launch. We added organisations, businesses, information listings, projects and events from across the board, locally and nationally. But we focused on our hometown, Bantry, to illustrate what we’d like to achieve for all of West Cork.

Coming Soon

The listing is still incomplete, but we’ll continue to work on it over the coming weeks. We have volunteers in Clonakilty and Castletownbere, ready to start entering businesses from their own areas. And we hope to find more in other West Cork regions soon. So do keep coming back!

We’re not looking for volunteers yet, but definitely looking at this as a community project so, once we’re a bit further down the line, we’ll do a shout out for information, feedback and input.

It has been a rush to put this all together, so there are bound to be a few glitches. We are aware of a few bugs and features, and are doing our best to squish them as soon as possible. Please bear with us!

Lastly, we hope to have a search guide ready for you soon, in case you have any problems using the search features of the site.

Thank You

Thank YouThank you to Kathryn, Mark, Daniel and all our contributors, for the incredible amount of time, energy, enthusiasm, ideas and input they’ve volunteered.

Thank you to Steve at West Cork IT, for streamlining the technologies.

Thank you to all the people who gave us words of encouragement and suggested listings.

Thanks go to Adrian Cronin, Bantry Photo, for our beautiful front page header image.

And, finally, sending out a sincere Thank You to all the people continuing to work to keep us safe and well in mind, body and spirit. We have felt so humbled when inputting all the organisations, voluntary groups and businesses – these people work hard and long hours in difficult times. We are truly thankful to you all!