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Find everything you need to help you live, thrive and survive in the crisis

This site is a community project, aiming to provide a comprehensive listing of resources relating to COVID-19 in West Cork. The information is urgently needed, and we've gone live early to address this. But we're still in the early stages, refining the site and entering data as you read this - so, please, no feedback just yet! Thank you for your patience.

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Shopping Directory - who's business-as-usual, who's delivering, who's online

Help is Here - Volunteers to deliver your shopping - and organisations to Volunteer for

Food & Drink

Family & Children

Keeping Healthy

Staying Sane

Animal Welfare

In the midst of this catastrophe, more than looking in to find serenity we need to look out for one another to practice humanity.

Abhijit Naskar

Events & Things to Do

Sending out a sincere Thank You to all the people continuing to work to keep us safe and well in mind, body and spirit.

We have felt so humbled when inputting all the organisations, voluntary groups and businesses - these people work hard and long hours in difficult times.

We are truly thankful to you all!